We provide executive search and talent acquisition services and strategies to client companies that want to improve their staffing solutions.  We have worked in a diverse group of industries from manufacturing and distribution companies to consulting services and banking.  Positions filled range from President and Vice President, Director to Manager level in General Management, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance and IT.

Who We Are

Your Partner for Executive Search Solutions

You can benefit from our more than 25 years of experience, as well as from the professional, reliable, confidential and ethical manner in which we conduct business. Glenaire Group helps you find the right solutions for your talent acquisition needs.

Why Choose Us


Fast and efficient research, sourcing and presentation.


Introductions of talent worth interviewing.


Thorough screening to ensure success.


Full service from job screening to presenting the offer.

Services overview

Comprehensive Executive Search


Job Descriptions Drafting


 Resume Evaluation and Revision